We serve our clients using innovative technology, proven design procedures and certified quality products. Heat transfer products that maximize the efficiency in heat exchange applications are supplied Cost effectively to the process industries. For each project the work procedures differ based on client’s objectives and statutory requirements.

  • Design of Equipments - Computer programmed
  • Preparation of drawings - Autocad 2013

Quality Control

SSHRE is committed to attain customer satisfaction by striving to reach excellence in manufacturing Heat Transfer Related Equipments timely delivery through continual improvement.

Testing facilities

  • Hydraulic Testing (Digital Pressure Indicator with computerized Data Acquisition systems)
  • Pneumatic Leak Testing
  • Circulation inside the system (Oil & Water Well Drilling)
Testing Section
Testing Section
Testing Section
Testing Section

Our Products are working successfully for the past 30 Years in the field of Mining, Earthmovers, Textile, Sugar Mills, Power Plants, Chemicals, Textiles , Railways, Defense, Paper Mills, Locomotives, Compressors, Tea, Tyre Manufactures.

So far we have supplied more than 65,000 Heat transfer related Items all over India and abroad through our customers

We design & manufacture a wide range of heat transfer related equipments with high level precision.

We are leaders in Heat Transfer Technologies
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